Artwork by Leonie Connellan.

Leonie Connellan is a print-based artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her current work explores the relationship between the physical sciences of the universe and how we find our place in it through storytelling — the interweaving of fact and fiction to create a comprehensive understanding of the whole. She explores the role of the night sky in storytelling, and how we use the latter to build on the knowledge of our existence, with the ultimate goal of instilling a sense of scientific understanding, wonder and curiosity about the structure of the universe and our place in it.

Piscis Austrinus print


Piscis Austrinus print


Piscis Austrinus, 22h, -30°, SQ4, 60th

Etching and letterpress print on paper by Leonie Connellan
Unframed, printed in an edition of 5, paper size 28 x 38cm
Text from The Cruise of The Snark, Jack London

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