It's not you, it's me

I'm taking part in another group show at Eckersley's this week. It opens on Valentine's Day and goes for five days. It's a celebration our love/hate relationship with RMIT, and 16 recent BFA and MFA graduates are featured: Beka Hannah, Ben Howe, Bianca Tainsh, Emily Boyle, Jess Sutton, Leonie Connellan, Mary Hackett, Mary Gray, Mateja Simenko, Michael Carolan, Nicholas Dallwitz, Paul Dew, Paul Keller, Tanya Ungeri, Tul Suwannakit and Kate Walsh. The show is presented by The Second Collective, and supported by Coalesce ARI through RMIT Link Arts. Details are as follows: 

It's Not You, It's Me 

Facebook event

Eckersley's Open Space Gallery 
97 Franklin St Melbourne 

Opening Night: 6-8pm, Tuesday 14 February 

Gallery Hours: 15-18 February, 11-5:30pm