Artwork by Leonie Connellan.

Leonie Connellan is a print-based artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her current work explores the relationship between the physical sciences of the universe and how we find our place in it through storytelling — the interweaving of fact and fiction to create a comprehensive understanding of the whole. She explores the role of the night sky in storytelling, and how we use the latter to build on the knowledge of our existence, with the ultimate goal of instilling a sense of scientific understanding, wonder and curiosity about the structure of the universe and our place in it.

Print, Stitch, Staple

If you're in Sydney, I have a couple of artist's books in this group exhibiton.

Print / Stitch / Staple: a curated exhibition of artist books & zines
Exhibition 17 September - 5 October

Opening Saturday 22nd September 12.30pm with free artist talks, book and zine demonstations.  

Gallery Lane Cove proudly presents Print / Stich / Staple: an exhibition examining the relationship between visual art and books. No longer simple containers for words, books and zines have become unique mediums for creative and artistic expression. Art and books intertwine and overlap in forms ranging from the artists' books of William Blake and Dieter Roth to the feminist-punk riot grrrl zines of the 1990s. Some artists make books that are creatively hand-built and bound, while others have embraced the book as a material, repurposing its shape and content into a meaningful objet d'art.

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